Last week we went to see the energetic two-some of Wet Nuns play one of their last ever shows at The Victoria in Birmingham. It was sweaty, raucous and loud.  And we liked it.

Support came from local bands God Damn and Them Wolves, both bringing their own style of noise and debauchery to the sold out event.

Them Wolves are a barrage of a noise rock and screeching vocals, with raw guitar riffs and ferocious drum beats.  The kind of music that melts your ears, attacks your remaining senses and then batters you with sheer force (in a good way).  It’s grizzly and somewhat brutal, but pretty damn awesome. 

Following recent events, it was good to see God Damn back in action.  Their music as a current two-piece is intense, full of angst and punk based riffs.  It’s dark and quirky with filthy guitar work that skips into one genre, hops into another and then takes a gigantic leap into blowing your mind.  Their track Heavy Money is one of our favourites (also, what is not to love about a video that includes a homeless guy making the scum of society explode in a gruesome fashion, just so he can save a boy wearing a Batman mask?!)

Last but not least, Wet Nuns added their extra pint of sweat inducing rock to the proceedings.  Their set was a blast of heavy drumming, grinding guitar riffs and rasping vocals, finished off with a touch of blues thrown into the mix.  It’s dirty yet delicious, and we bloody loved it. For a band that recently released their debut album, it’s a blow to hear they are about to call it a day. But on the upside, their new album is an absolute beast and we’re going to play it until our ears bleed.